National Manufacturing Individual Champion Focused On Nonwoven Lines More than 32 Years

National Manufacturing Individual Champion Focused On Nonwoven Lines More than 32 Years

National Manufacturing Individual Champion Focused On Nonwoven Lines More than 32 Years

National Manufacturing Individual Champion Focused On Nonwoven Lines More than 32 Years

CL: Your Ideal Partner for Nonwoven Fabric Line Projects

Founded in 1992, Zhejiang CL Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. has emerged as a premier manufacturer of nonwoven fabric making machines in China.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and expert engineering team are dedicated to supporting every stage of your nonwoven fabric business growth.

Whether you need a Spunbond, Spunmelt, Pet, Meltblown, or Bico nonwoven fabric making machine, we provide the optimal solution for your needs.

Company Profile

We Are Honored

  • The Little Giants Certificate 
  • The China High Technique Enterprise
  • The Hidden Champion Enterprise Certificate
  • The Zhejiang Province Famous Brand Enterprise 
  • The Excellent Supplier In Non Woven Industry Certificate
  • The National Manufacturing Individual Champion Certificate

Our Approach Sets Us Apart—Welcome to the “CL WAY”


Departmental Meetings

The design of the nonwoven lines, the procurement of raw materials, the inspection of components, and the installation process are all meticulously coordinated through cross-departmental collaboration. This not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces the risk of errors and rework. By ensuring excellence at every stage, we deliver nonwoven lines with outstanding quality and reliability, enabling us to respond swiftly to market changes and meet diverse customer needs


Incoming Inspection

Every mechanical component in your production line meets the rigorous testing standards set by CL. This includes thorough inspections for durability, precision, and performance. By adhering to these standards, we ensure reliability, extend operational lifespan, minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance productivity. Meeting CL's strict criteria reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction


Assembly & Test

Every CL nonwoven line is assembled with high precision and undergoes rigorous tests by our skilled technicians, including checks for durability, performance, and accuracy to meet stringent quality standards.The assembly process is carried out with attention to detail, ensuring each component is carefully fitted for optimal performance. Our quality control team monitors each step to maintain precision, guaranteeing flawless operation and an extended lifespan.


Talent Pool

Founded in 1992, CL firmly believes in relying on a wealth of talent to propel us forward. After years of development, today's CL boasts a top-tier talent pool, both in quality and quantity, with our team of experts and skilled professionals serving as the driving force behind our continuous innovation and growth. Over the years, we have achieved numerous milestones in the nonwoven industry, including the development of China's first Spunbond Line, Spunmelt Line, PET Line, SSSS Line, and SSMMSS Line.

CL Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd

We focus on high-quality standards and advanced technology to ensure our nonwoven production lines deliver reliable performance. Through attention to detail and ongoing innovation, we strive for excellence and exceed expectations.
Number 39 ,Qinfeng Road, Xianyan Industrial Area, Ouhai, Wenzhou, China
Business Hours:
Monday - Sunday

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